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Do you know, there's one thing you won't find anywhere on this thread?

"Martin, I understand what you're driving at, but I don't agree with what you've said about . . . because . . ."

Coughs. Er, how about(and it wasn't the only one) my post 876?
I get that you have, by defining it appropriately, made a space in your own thinking for a conjecture (namely immaterial mind) that doesn't need to answer to the rigours of science. I also get that you differentiate what you conjecture from similar immaterialities (such as ghosts and fairies) on the basis that you have direct experience of it.

What I don't get is why you refuse to address the evidence and reasoning that has been put to you to explain your direct experience in entirely material terms.

You are like somebody who is shown an optical illusion and the explanation for it, and who yet continues to believe it is real.

If certain optical illusions are well enough done, even when you are absolutely certain that they are an illusion they still seem totally real when you look at them. Why is consciousness any different?

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