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1236. Comment #475474 by Bonzai on April 1, 2010 at 3:46 pm


I don't know. I feel kind of mixed.

I am happy that someone has exposed his charade because the guy does come across as an asshole.

But there is an element in me that feels kind of sad, maybe because he does have a real profile so he is not just a disembodied voice like many of us here, and he is an old man(I am sorry if that sounds patronizing, Martin) A part of me kind of thinks, let him keep his delusion of grandeur intact if that is what sustains him. And let's not forget, he was incredibly cute as a baby. :)

That's why I didn't and won't join the piling on if he does come back,--but believe me my finger was itching. :)


Pity due, because he's an old man?

My grandmother, Nonie, died last month at the age of 85. She was an atheist. Her mind remained as sharp as it was at the age of 25, quite while the final ravages of cancer ate her up. Her final few words, spread over around half an hour, were 'I love you all. I've had a great life'.

She would have had a few things to say to young 77-year old Martin, the ingenu.

Age has nothing to do with it. If, though, you wish to press the age point, then I would turn it around - I find old age fear of death to be a nauseating betrayal of experience, in the same way that I would find nauseating a grown human being about to die creeping up, snivellingly complaining about his or her lot, to a child.

Martin never grew up and thinks he'll live for ever, and he'll throw his dummy out of his pram every time he's told that he too will, in every facet, be annihilated in the end like the rest of us.

Don't feel sorry for such a craven, self-serving, narcissistic, nasty piece of work as MW. You would never do so if you'd met my grandmother, I'm sure!

Sean Tyrer

Fri, 02 Apr 2010 00:07:00 UTC | #455128