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1284. Comment #475703 by epeeist on April 2, 2010 at 7:25 am

Comment #475659 by Styrer-:
Pity due, because he's an old man?
Sean, speculating here and Bonzai is quite at liberty to telling me I am wrong.

I believe Bonzai is of Chinese ancestry. I wonder if he has just a touch of his culture's attitude towards the elderly?

Perhaps. Only he can say. I hope he knows there's a huge difference between taking care of old people and respecting their ideas simply because they are old. My grandad (married to my grandmother Nonie) died at the end of 2001, and he'd been fervent in telling me much earlier that age has no direct line to respect. Respect always had to be earned, according to him. He was raised Catholic, had suffered because of it and knew what true respect was worth. For him, it was never to be handed off willy-nilly on the basis of age. He taught me that. And he hated the fucking vicar of christ on earth and his demagogic control of a country he loved. His expletives and profanities in regard to what has come to light in Ireland over the last year might even have challenged my own.

A decent old person will be the first to tell you that they do not deserve respect simply because they're old. If they say otherwise, fuck 'em.

Sean Tyrer

Fri, 02 Apr 2010 07:30:00 UTC | #455177