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42. Comment #476892 by Aiser on April 6, 2010 at 3:38 am

British people often "chuckle" away at "nutters ( using you're language here :) ) when some one like choudary appears on TV. They believe that Islam will play no role what so ever in the future of the U.K, but they are sadly mistaken. Given the horrible demographic trends, Brits having 0-1 child per family and Muslims having 4 kids per family will create a huge powder keg. Also add in the dhimmitude of the British people like for Ex how this women is wearing the head scarf as a sign of "respect". Brits are going to be in for a very rude awakening soon. Multiculturalism political correctness Leftist liberal policies Abortions of brits = The down fall of this once "Great" nation.

You pinpoint some very significant facts in the wilful Islamification of the UK, but you do so almost hysterically. You've got all the verbal power about you of a JihadWatch regular. Very little unfortunately, but with a point to make. Which of the mishmash of points you vomited above seems to you to be the most persuasive? You're so nearly there (and you haven't even met Nairb yet).

Islamification is not requiring further immigration (so be silent, racist high horse) but a perpetual capitulation by natives and government in place to say that 'it's multicultural and to argue against it is to be racist'. You have only to look at the texts that Muslims follow to know that you have some problems ahead.

Islamic doctrine falls into several categories but each propagates a notion of dissatisfaction with the world around it which cannot be quietened until the kuffar are converted to Islam or subjugated under its creed. Death otherwise follows.

The adoption of rather good English by these cunts is a touch concerning. It shows they've cared enough to learn and use our language but that they are still unconcerned about destroying the whole damn lot. The old idea of 'get your enemy to know your name, make him see you as a real person', so as to avoid a dehumanised execution, is now ever more the way to persuasively get yourself killed. Our identities have become x marks.

Sean Tyrer

Tue, 06 Apr 2010 04:53:00 UTC | #456326