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@ philip 1978

The young people are being taught that it is ok to alienate and ostracise people who are being made to look "different" - that has to stop.

No, they are not. The culture these days in just about every part of America is very aware of intolerance and young people generally are the first to promote inclusion and tolerance (there are exceptions but not really so very many). What these young people very likely learned is just how bigoted and fearful their parents are; in my own life that was a transformative experience so I can imagine it will be the same for many of these children.

This kind of thinking is where the main problem lies - Awww poor little teenagers have to come to terms with reality! They are 18 years old - they are about to go into universities and colleges all around America where there are going to thousands of more lesbians, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transgender - you name it, they will encounter it - there should be nothing to be afraid of. They should be able to accept it but instead your suggestion is to keep them blinded from this - how is that going to teach them anything but bigotry and ignorance?

I made no suggestion: that was all your own work.

Your expectations of teenagers are completely unrealistic whereas mine, based on having raised a couple of well-adjusted adults myself, are somewhat more grounded in reality.

Ask yourself this: if these children are so complete and well-formed, why is it necessary for them to go to university? What could they learn?
Look into your own life: have you learned nothing and failed to mature since you reached the magic 18 yrs?

High school seniors in the US are subjected to intense pressure at a very difficult time in their lives. One of the most intense is to act out their parents' fantasies about high school prom. This sordid episode is just another aspect of that collective fantasy.

Let's be sure to put the blame for this squarely where it lies: with the adults.


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