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This is an interesting propsition to arrest the pope. On the face of it is a great idea - I do actually agree with it. But bear with me for a moment to play the 'devil’s advocate'. If the pope was arrested and it was splashed around the world that Dawkins and Hitchens were behind it. It may send a powerful message that atheism is at war with all believers (not just the child abusers), and the millions of bishops, priests, mullahs, imams, rabbis who are still out there will continue to pour out vitriol against reason with even more vigour. It may actually turn out to be a saviour for religion by cementing in the minds of the believers that we are the immoral evil heathens that their leaders warned them about.

Let's face it one of the recurring things that we as atheists often go on about is freedom of choice - which like it or not includes the freedom for people to follow a religion if they so choose. I can almost hear the pulpits around the world screaming that atheist/humanists/secularists will ban all forms of religion if they ever got in power. Just imagine the priests warning the flock 'those atheist bastards arrested the pope so they are coming for you, your family, and your scriptures next, it is the beginning of the end of the world prophesy’. As if reason didn't have enough to contend with.

Of course we are faced with the conundrum of if we don't arrest the pope then we need to ask ourselves are we any better than the believers who support the church.

Could arresting the Pope be a watershed moment in history that could either send a message about the follies of religion and expose it for the fraud it is, or would it tell the religious to close their minds even further to maintain the faith.

There is no easy answer to this.

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 03:18:00 UTC | #457887