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" I am unable to find any example of Dawkins aiding the public understanding of such real science as physics or chemistry, or even of the history or philosophy of science."

And right there, I know I can dismiss the gentleman as being intellectually dishonest.

"Real science"? Really. So biology is no longer a real science. Anthropology not a real science. I'm sure the gentleman would dismiss geology with its large time scales and evidence that the Earth is far, far older than what bronze age desert dwellers believed as not "real science" either.

If only those ancient Israelites had gotten their information right the first time, we wouldn't be plagued some 3000 years later by Mr. Sarfati putting his fingers in his ears going "na-na-na-na Not real science! I can't hear your evidence! Nanananana!"

Mon, 12 Apr 2010 10:56:00 UTC | #458367