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Hitchens is on the money as usual in his latest Slate piece, as is Dawkins in his various pieces over the last few weeks, in denouncing the vicar of christ on Earth. However they've decided to play this - with Dawkins claiming it was Hitch's idea and downplaying his own contribution, and the Hitch downplaying Dawkins' role, and his own, in his Slate piece - I am absolutely ecstatic about the two foremost atheistic voices unifying in such an unequivocal way. There will surely be bills to pay to the two fine solicitors prepared to take on this case.

I would welcome a mechanism, devised by or by Hitchens' own website presence, wherever that may be, to permit contributions to the fund. I'd offer confidently that other members would feel the same.

I'd call it vicarious redemption if it were not so absolutely sure to piss off Christopher. Vicarious participation might be closer to the mark.

Perhaps Richard would see to setting up such a fund-raising mechanism here.

I have not forgiven Richard for either his eradication from this site of words he'd spoken in making his remarks about Melanie Philips, nor have I forgiven him for his acceptance of Maher as an awardee in his Award's name. But I'm so glad to see the true Dawkins back again on this issue, fighting valiantly and apologising to no-one. My formerly-lost respect is on the verge of being re-found.

This is of no interest to anyone else, least of all to Dawkins, of course, but it means a huge amount to me.

If there is a fund which can be set up to serve in clarifying the illegality and the immorality of the Pope's actions, please provide it.

Recession notwithstanding.


Sean Tyrer

Tue, 13 Apr 2010 03:57:00 UTC | #458724