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Just came across this nastiness from a crazy xtian site of course. More attacking and calling RD shrill and containing much insults - now he has a Napolean complex apparently - oh yeah for defending helpless children.

This lady is clueless and nasty herself for defending such monsters.

"The absurdity of the proposal, and its defiant refusal to acknowledge the facts of the matter – including the fact that Benedict has been completely exonerated of the charges made recently by the New York Times and other media – demonstrates that Professor Dawkins is suffering from the special kind of delusions that can occur when a massive ego combines with a willing and enabling audience of reporters.

He likes to be known as a champion of “rational” and “scientific” thought and asserts that since no one can see, feel, hear, touch, taste or smell God, or measure him in a graduated flask, there must not be one. But, not content with holding this fundamentalist version of materialism himself, Dawkins has remade himself as a kind of atheistic witchfinder general. His vituperative hatred for religion, and for Catholicism in particular, has transformed his public persona from respected man of science to that of increasingly shrill and humorless pedant. A crank, who does not know when the world is laughing at him. And it is sad."

Tue, 13 Apr 2010 19:22:00 UTC | #458992