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He likes to be known as a champion of “rational” and “scientific” thought and asserts that since no one can see, feel, hear, touch, taste or smell God, or measure him in a graduated flask, there must not be one.

If I ever come across the author of these words, I am going to ask her if she knows the difference between the following statements:

- There is no evidence that God exists, and furthermore the attributes commonly assigned to God make such an entity very improbable. Therefore, I am highly certain, but not 100% certain, that there is no God.

- I can't see God with my science stuff so there absolutely is no God

If she says no, I will tell her that we can safely say that she does not understand what she is arguing against, and that her opinion can be disregarded.

If she says yes, then I will ask her why she lies and falsely attributes the second statement instead of the first to Dawkins.

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