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Simply put more and more pressure should be put on this establishment (i.e. The Vatican) to be held accountable. The Vatican may think this is some sort of "witch hunt" which is rather ironic when that defense comes from the Catholic Church, but this isn't a witch hunt, or publicity stunt. This is about justice.

The evidence is so overwhelming and these crimes crisscross the globe affecting many countries, and further many of these atrocities occurred in countries where the jurisprudence is quite clear on these types of felonies. There are certainly criminal cases where at the very least non-Catholic religious leaders have been charged, tried, and convicted so just waving some Holy Writ in people’s faces as a free pass for immunity is not good enough. There are laws that have been broken and those responsible for the actions and the subsequent cover up should be held accountable no matter how high up the management chain.

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 00:10:00 UTC | #459099