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"You numpty..."

Not really...the chances of arresting the pope are so on a par with the chances of arresting an actual Head of State (as opposed to a pretend one), i.e. completely non-existent, that it doesn't even matter whether he is considered a Head of State. I thought that was too obvious to point out. Indeed, Deputy Dawk himself has admitted that it's all about 'raising consciousness' and next to nothing about actually succeeding in the ludicrous aim. In short, it's a ridiculous publicity stunt that will, in my humble opinion, spectacularly backfire.

Incidentally, why doesn't Deputy Dawk and Huckleberry Hitch effect a citizen's arrest, you know, like Peter Tatchell tried with Mugabe? Now that really WOULD be a consciousness raising spectacle. I know that Dawkins has made light of such an occurrence, but why not? I suspect that he'd get some serious kudos for it - from me, at least.

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