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374. Comment #480532 by Paul Pelosi on April 15, 2010 at 6:31

You are yet someone else who sees what they prefer to see.
Untrue. The last thing I would ever want to see from someone is what I comprehended as your opinion.
I said "The 'ARRESTING OF THE POPE' on the basis of concern for vulnerable children CAN so easily be downgraded to a publicity stunt by HIS ENEMIES"
I don’t see where the capitalizing of certain words improves my comprehension of your opinion. For instance you capitalize “CAN” but that doesn’t wipe out that it is immediately followed by “so easily be downgraded to a publicity stunt...” I realized from reading your other posts that you weren’t talking about you downgrading them so it really wasn’t necessary to capitalize “HIS ENEMIES” (whoever they are). Your implication is still (or so I gather) that Richard (and by extension the cause of unbelief) is heading for a trap of negative PR by adamantly supporting efforts to bring to justice those who knowing cover for subordinates who torture and rape innocent children. I fail to see where you have demonstrated that this is a likely outcome. You then say:
I have heard it done so already by numerous people and groups in the media.
Me too, but is that really damaging PR to the so-called cause of unbelief? Who has accused Richard of grandstanding so far? Phil Donohue? Who comes off looking like the bigger ass?
Do I have to teach you people to read as well as to think£
I’m perfectly happy to own my own shortcomings in comprehension. The above could be totally off the mark from what you have posted. Please point out where I’m wrong but please also remember you were the one who said,
That is my opinion and I welcome constructive challenges to it.

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