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lswanson says

Referring to the comments posted here and on the ABC website where the article was originally posted, why does a non-Christian have an opinion on what a Christian should believe regarding evolution£ Or what the "statement of belief" requirements of a Christian seminary are for its professors£ Why defensive of this Christian who possibly accepts evolution£ Why is a story like this even newsworthy£

Rosie83, if you research properly, you will understand why evolution is incompatible with the gospel...

Been researched and nowhere does the Bible say this. Your claim is by assertion.

Biblical literalism is nothing more than a derivative of Sola Scriptura, a Protestant 16th century political invention. If the Bible can be interpreted literally, there would not be 29,000 different Protestant sects and cults all with different interpretations. Instead there would be just the one.

Moreover, it may have entered your tiny little mind that Christianity pre-dates the 16th Century and most Christians simply do not accept that the Bible can be interpreted literally.

There are very good reasons why Christians and non-Christians should be interested in what has happened to this professor. The Bible believing literalists are highly politicised and want to get their "creation science" and other dogmatic views into public sector education. (See Texas State Board of Education.) We all pay for and use public education. When the religious right is calling for a theocracy, with them in charge, if affects everybody.

This man is a professor in a degree awarding institution (and accredited). It seems in the fundie world that such academics should have neither security of tenure or the right to express their own views (the two go hand in hand). That is very good reason to either strip the institution of its ability to award degrees or for the rest of the world to rightly conclude its degrees are bogus.

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