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'What was interesting and remarkable about Jesus was not the obvious fact that he believed in the God of his Jewish religion, but that he rebelled against many aspects of Yahweh's vengeful nastiness. At least in the teachings that are attributed to him, he publicly advocated niceness and was one of the first to do so. To those steeped in the Sharia-like cruelties of Leviticus and Deuteronomy...'

In light of the Gospel accounts of Jesus this statement is positively ridiculous, all the more so for a man who claims to believe what he does because of 'evidence'. What evidence do you have that Jesus rebelled from scripture? Every criticism he had of the pharasees and other leaders was in regard to their misuse and unlawful additions to scripture to burden the people. You flipantly disregard Jesus' belief in God as though it were unavoidable at the time of his birth, but on what authority do you base this? If: 'Accounts of Jesus's resurrection and ascension are about as well-documented as Jack and the Beanstalk'.( Does this mean that the accounts of Jesus being 'super nice guy' and yelling at the religious leaders are factual because you like them, and that the parts where he is crucified and resurected are false because you don't? His ministry was boun up with scripture and spirituality. I dare you to remove him from religion using the evidence available.

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