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Rosie83 says

Many of you have asked how one could be or stated that it is impossible to be a bible believing Christian and accept evolutionary theory at the same time. If you sincerely want to know how how at least one Christian reconciles the two beliefs, then I recommend the book Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth R. Miller.

That's just wrong. The term "Bible believing" normally refers to Christians who interpret the Bible literally on the basis of Sola Scriptuta - hence creationists who somehow convince themselves that Genesis is actually an historical account and the Noah's Ark story as completly "true". Such Bible believers are usually Calvinistic and exclusively Protestant.

By a massive margin Miller is not a "Bible Believer". He's a Roman Catholic and the RCC does not accept Sola Scriptura. Heck, Sola Scriptura was invented by Luther to undermine the RCC.

The only creationist RCC in the Anglo American world I am aware of is Michael Behe and he accepts evolution and the old age of the earth.

Get your terminology right before attacking Miller. When it comes to creationism, he's onside.

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