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"She just doesn't seem to get the point. How did the pope do anything wrong ethically? I wonder if she'd ask that question if she'd been raped by a school teacher as an 11-year old, and the principal ordered the 'interests of the school' be put first."

Chances are this has occurred as well. We came close to this in a case where an entire school system (the "authorities") ignored the pleas of a young student who was being horrifically harassed and who went on to kill herself. The P-R interests of the school system, and the cushy jobs of the various hacks that ran it, may well be speculated to have been a motivating factor.

At the moment, students who did the harassing are in the dock, and the "authorities" are now running for cover as it may just be that they are next.

A credible government needs to step forward and go after Ratzinger and the rest. Therefore I might just count the US out. If the community of nations does nothing, what does this say of them?

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 19:59:00 UTC | #460575