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The whole point is that the entire field is based on ideas that don't even make any sense based on what we know about medicine.

So make that point, and support it with arguments. Instead of crap statements like "the teachings of a more-than-usually nutty American faith healer".

Chiroporactics is based on the idea that vertebral subluxations somehow interfere with some metaphysical energy ...
Yeah, lots of bullshit there. I get it. But you cannot judge chiropractics as a whole today by this. You need to refer to what serious research says about modern practice of chiropractics.

That's why I mention wikipedia and its references as a starting point.

Sure if people want to practice other alternative (read unproven)...

It is your unsubstantiated claim that it is unproven.

The way you're stating your own personal belief as if they were facts, is exactly the same charlatans and quacks are supporting their beliefs.

It is not at all irrelevant to say that the ENTIRE FOUNDATION of this discipline is completely unfounded.

It may not be in order to ask questions about chiropractics. But when it comes to determine that state of affairs today, it is 100% irrelevant.

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