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LSwanson says

Not saying that at all. I believe everybody (excepting those suffering from clinical sociopathy) has the ability to distinguish right from wrong. I'm saying that in the evolutionary model, there is no empirical truth about "right" and "wrong" or "good" and "bad", and certainly, the concept of sin is entirely incompatible with evolution.

If you study the history of science and the creation vs evolution debate you will find that over time, the church compromised on the issue of biblical authority and on the issue of a 6-day creation as recorded in Genesis WITHOUT giving consideration to what this means for the rest of the Bible, specifically, the death of Jesus for the atonement of sin. So, generally, it's not an issue of belief/understanding of sin & redemption that is the problem for Christians who also accept the evolution model, but an understanding of the inconsistency of sin/redemption with evolution.

But the creations have been telling the courts that evolution is compatible with sin. See what Michael behe told the Judge in the Dover trial.

There is no debate between creation and evolution. The creationists have never produced one iota of science from their creationist believs.

Moreover, the "Church" has not compromised over time on the issue of "Biblical authority" by which you clearly mean a literal interpretation of the Bible. As I have pointed out to you, it is not the position of the RCC and never has been. It's an invention of American fundamentalists in the late 19th Century and early 20th century looking backards to the Sola Scriptura invention of Martin Luther.

It's a figment of your fundamentalist imagination that there is an inconsistency between Christianity and evolution (or, as you put it, sin - right and wrong - and evolution. Its about as daft as saying that engineering is not consistent with sin.

Worse till, the entire issue is not one between "science" v "religion". Chrstianity does not represent religious believers. What the real issue is the political battle between conservative fundamentalists and the modern world with the fundamentalists wanting a theocracy, with them in charge.

In the evolution model, the concepts of sin & redemption are nonsense.
Jesus came to give redemption from sin (the message of the gospel).
Therefore, in the evolution model, the message of the gospel is nonsense.

No it isn't. It is only biblical literalists who claim so. ANd that, as I say, is based on a 16th century invention. The vast majority of Christians do not accept Biblical literalism and you're being dogmatic and disingeneous in suggesting otherwise. You clearly do not speak for Christianity. You rhetoric is exceedingly transparent and flakey.

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