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Another society of non-stamp-collectors?

Yes, I agree that the term atheist can be somewhat a misnomer at times or even superfluous. My own attitude toward the theist hypothesis is that I am technically agnostic (e.g. when being rational), usually atheist (e.g when chatting in a bar), and sometimes anti-theist (e.g. when I think about the evils done because of beliefs in god/s).

Theists, unlike stamp-collectors, have a privileged position in society, they sit in the House of Lords in the UK, for instance, they have diplomatic immunity, as in the Pope, they have the power to wage wars, as in Iran, and generally have an undue influence in peoples' private lives.

If stamp-collectors were to gain even half of the influence that theist groups enjoy or if they start flying planes into buildings, I'm sure astamp-collector groups would spring up all over the place.

Mon, 19 Apr 2010 23:38:00 UTC | #461172