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I doubt secularism will ever take hold around the world. To let go of religion requires education, most countries around the world discourage their populations from becoming educated and the rest try to control what and how subjects are taught. Religion has been the most successful form of population control ever devised. Since the pagans were destroyed to give way to christianity we have had our thoughts, behaviour and lives controlled more and more strictly by ever evolving techniques. Probably the first form of religious control for the masses came with judaism and their god that defeated the evil Egyptians. Yes i know the pagans were not without their issues of crowd control either, but they used brute force reserving their gods for the elite. The religions use fear and the oppression of our minds to think for themselves. The religions of church, economics and politics have a firm and unbreakable grip on our societies and to destroy them would bring down the whole of civilization. Is that what we want?

Tue, 20 Apr 2010 08:32:00 UTC | #461237