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LSwanson - oh, I see. Death was invented by God because of Adam and therefore the whole of geology is wrong/

Big problem with that as Adam would have exploded within a day or so of being "created".

Perhaps he was also blind as Eve's external appearance was nothing but death itself. What, with her entire skin surface being nothing more that dead cells...

There are times when creationists display such utter stupidity it is difficult to know what to say.

Want to really piss the fundies off£ Point out to them that the Genesis account
does NOT even say that God created life---it says God "caused the earth to bring
forth life". In ancient times, the word used for anything that was buried in
the ground was "fossil". The Genesis account, therefore, says that life comes
from those things we find in the ground. From fossils. From evolution.

Hearing that usually gets their blood pressure nice and spiked. :)

Wed, 21 Apr 2010 08:21:00 UTC | #461447