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The BNP is milking religion for all its worth. It has its own "christian organisation, the Christian Coalition of Great Britain, headed up by an ordained minister who, IIRC, is standing for election.

The DUP was for years the political wing of Paisely's Free Presbyterian Church and will use a hung Parliament to leverage its position for all its worth.

There are also a couple of loons standing for electon as heads of Christain parties. One of them is standing in Barking.

UKIP has also had its religious loons, notably the Young Earth Creationist Tony Bennett who later defected to Veritas. He was sacked by both.

Bennett is probably better know as the guy that wrote the book trying to claim there was a coverup over the death of a young man in Michael Barrymore's swiming pool. Bennett was disowned by his parents after the book was published.

It's also worth keeping an eye on Stephen Green , the head of Christian Voice and who wants rape legalised. He's an ex-Tory activist.

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