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I think I am very close to concluding that this whole “New Atheism” movement is only a passing fad

Well, that's pretty damning of his fellow Jeezoids.

If we're a fad, then those Christian apologist fleas killed all those trees with their books for absolutely nothing.

Well, except for a couple hundred dollar check here and there.
(More dead trees, BTW), that'd be too cynical, surely not....not Christians!

Yep, he paints 'em into a corner no matter which way you slice it.

See, asshole, you should've played the "just a fad *yawn*", card out of the gate when all this ruckus started, and stuck to it.

Too late now.

Tch, should I even go past that first sentence?

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:10:00 UTC | #461781