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Have always dug the Randi, ever since he gutted Uri Geller on Johnny Carson thirty years ago.

One wonders how many folks in that live audience, and viewers of this video, while nodding and smiling in total agreement with Randi's call for an end to this financial exploitation of the gullible and less-informed, just last Sunday gave 10% of their earnings to an organization (insert favorite denomination here) so that after they die, they will live forever on a pretty cloud with their old dog Spot?

I think Randi's "barely grazing" around the edges of this point is similar to those thoughtful first readers of Darwin way back when, who, putting the book down with a satisfied nod of agreement, stopped while going upstairs to bed, and suddenly thought "Wait a minute...if this is all true for every living and once-living species...then what about us? Gasp."

Supernatural = Woo = Make Believe = Religion

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