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If we assume that his Grandma really did hide the family will, then if everyone on has a guess as to its whereabouts, we should be able to take that million dollars. How many places can it be? One of us will get it correct. ;)

In w0O voice: She's telling me its somewhere above shoulder height, maybe somewhere warm or warmer than the fridge did she have a fridge? Something beginning with F? No? I'm getting the image of a tree or a plant... did she like gardening?... Oh. Of course, not up a tree she's saying it's up the stairs in the loft. Yes in a box in the loft! Thats where the will is... Oh, a bungalow you say?

Quick piece of pedantry: Surely, the 'active' ingredient in homeopathic headache pills would be something that causes headaches not aspirin as Randi says. Maybe they dilute a 'punch to the head' a gajillion times?

Here's a lecture from 2001 on homeopathy where Randi goes in to more detail. Follow the links for loads more Randi amazingness.

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Looking at the belt-lines in 2001 and 2007 it seems that the height increases proportionately with age and beard length. Randi should be able to tuck his beard into his belt sometime in late 2019.

Does this occur because we always buy the same length trousers even as we lose height? If so, does this mean Simon Cowell was once 20ft tall? We should be told!

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