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I am rather more sensitive to Steve's account of this than to yours, may I say. He nails it absolutely in his first riposte to you, in his advancing the idea that 'not coming out' is itself a proclamation of concern, however silently expressed.

Thanks, Bonzai, for the link. It reinforces the idea that he's decided that he must get something off his chest, despite his refutation of any such idea. He presents no reason whatsoever for expressing through the media that he is gay, at his advanced age. But it clearly matters to him, despite the hopefully unfettered homosexual life he has enjoyed till now.

Why now does he feel the need to publicise his sexual proclivities? Why not continue to the end in silence, enjoying whatever male company he can? Why is he making such a fuss now?

If Randi has been enjoying the most fabulous of lives all these years, then why suddenly does he intrude upon OUR understanding of him by claiming that he is gay? What the hell are we supposed to do with this information? Ignore it in the way that Randi did not?

Randi has been unflinching during his career in confirming that truth is more valuable than lies. How can his confession-like statement of homosexuality at the age of 81, conducted in almost embarrassed and very quiet manner - as distinct from his easily conducting a million-dollar parade with fireworks and fun and games for all to celebrate his own identity/'coming out' - be anything but a betrayal of his own claims to openness and of those in the homosexual community who would have benefited from the kudos he'd have afforded them?

There is some shame to allot here: whether to James or to us all ourselves, or to a bit of both: I can't quite work it out.

Certainly James is not off the hook, not at all.

Sean Tyrer

Fri, 23 Apr 2010 05:26:00 UTC | #462034