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Luke B, you said: "The march of secularism cannot be stopped."

Young, at least I hope young friend, you don't have any idea how wrong you might end up being.

It is at least as likely that there will be a marriage between powerful corporations, great wealth, and submissive social conservatives, using organized religions (a form of fascism).

Already, I have listened to and/or watched several powerful ministers use sermons and listened to several interviews of religious persons using scriptures,identifying what they call "Biblical capitalism.

Or to put it in Bible language, these anti-secular spokespersons, and their non-critically thinking followers, would make a compact with Satan in order to keep their social positions and power -- and tithing, etc. Do you really think so many of this sort will give up their mansions and privileges on earth, for a "???" mansions in some later heaven. Hey, the sort that can convince a human mind that if they kill for the cause on earth, they will receive 72 virgins (or whatever) in paradise, ain't gonna give up that easy.

It is such a short step from living your life for a God to killing others for that same God. Somebody had to do their thinking for them.

Sun, 25 Apr 2010 21:00:00 UTC | #462825