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October 2008:

No body in exhumed Newman's grave
"Newman's body may have decomposed, as his coffin was not lead-lined. Its absence will not affect the progress of his cause in Rome, a spokesman said.

Permission for the exhumation was given by the Ministry of Justice, said Peter Jennings from the Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory"

What talisman can be made out of a few bits of cloth then?

"It is investigating a claim that Jack Sullivan, a deacon from Boston, Massachusetts, was cured of a serious spinal disease after praying to the cardinal. " Another case of medical mis-diagnosis IMO

Also what about Ratzinger's aid?

"Houston's Daniel Shea (lawyer & theologian & literate in Latin) thinks Joseph Ratzinger has a lot to answer for if he'd talk."

This is the best bit about Mr. Ratzinger that I personally found amusing:

talking about Ratzinger Shea asks " 'Who the hell is he trying to kid? This guy wears enough gold lamé in all of his vestments to suit up three New York drag queens. And furthermore, he's given drag queens a bad name. I mean, look at his Palm Sunday vestments. They're supposed to be red, but his are so gold-encrusted you can barely see the red. He's got Gucci shoes and Prada glasses, and have you seen the boyfriend? He's a hunk — a German tennis player and a jet fighter pilot, Gorgeous Georg. I've never seen a bishop who didn't have an extraordinarily handsome private secretary."

Who protests too much then?

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