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What is the interest in a decaying/ed corpse by the religious anyway£ If the body is just a vessel for the soul, then the soul is the important piece that you would pray to/for anyway. Like being getting upset at throwing away the wrapping paper after the gift has been opened - burial/cremation/etc. is just recycling.

Personally I'd like to cause some amusement/entertainment after I'm dead. I'd like to be preserved or plasticized (in a sitting position) so that I could be stored in the attic and brought down for special occasions like Hallowe-en (to scare the kids) or family events (if I knew I didn't have long to live, I'd make some recordings for my kids, etc. to wish them well on birthdays/graduations/weddings, etc.). Irish wake all the way, and if I must be buried I'd like my gravestone to say "I'll get you for this! I'm getting better!"

Anyway if they do move the remains perhaps those that made the decision will find that their remains aren't left to rest after they are gone. Karma£

Mon, 26 Apr 2010 17:39:00 UTC | #463110