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I have just sent the following letter to the Master of Balliol College, Oxford:-

The Master
Balliol College

Dear Master
Both FO culprits, the one responsible for the splendid joke memo about the Pope's visit, and the one responsible for circulating it, are Balliol graduates. So are Christopher Hitchens and I (calling for the arrest of the Pope).

Maybe Balliol's Development Office could point to the college's obviously good influence in the world, as additional grounds for soliciting donations.

All good wishes

In the words of that staunch Catholic, Hilaire Belloc:

Here is a House that armours a man
With the eyes of a boy and the heart of a ranger,
And a laughing way in the teeth of the world
And a holy hunger and thirst for danger:
Balliol made me, Balliol fed me,
Whatever I had she gave me again:
And the best of Balliol loved and led me.
God be with you, Balliol men.

Tue, 27 Apr 2010 12:14:00 UTC | #463317