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It does not matter that none of the people on the Papal visit team are Catholics or not. They were or should have been employed based on skills and competence not faith/sexuality/relationship/marital status etc. To employ them on any other grounds other than skills/competence/qualifications would be illegal.
Besides it was a 'brainstorming' exercise and that includes writing down all ideas - including those that may be questionable.
By raising this matter and keeping it in the media the RCC has successfully kicked an 'own goal' by drawing everyone's attention to the pope and all issues that the church is facing. It allows us to keep the pressure on him and the church for accountability.

Perhaps other things the Pope could do is to play a game of ‘pass the ticking parcel’ with IRA and the other nutters on the loyalist side, or take part in the stage version of Monty Python’s Holly Grail by reading the instructions to the ‘Holly hand grenade’, or maybe he could simply have a few beers down the pub with the islamists who seriously need to chill out as well, or someone could take the pope to the tattoo parlour and get an image of Mohammed and Jesus sitting around a table playing cards with some bulldogs with cigars and smoking joints saying “Wow man, now I can see god – he’s like a big purple elephant” tattooed on his arse. I'm sure we could all think of some more activities to keep the Pope busy - but unfortuately "sitting in the dock a the Old Baily" is one of the less likely things the Pope will do.

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