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20. Comment #484181 by Helena M
And others deeply impressed.

This is hardly news and hardly proof of anything. We already knew they do that stuff and we still don't know what exactly they experience. This hardly proves anything about a "soul" as the religious call it. The devout will claim this behavior can be explained by purely physical processes. They will be right. Point is, this also applies to our behavior. There's no point in trying to prove that chimps have a what we don't even have. There's no point in arguing whether that chimp is really sad or just reacting naturally, because being sad is just reacting naturally.

Does it have something to do with our feelings for a dead person that we knew? Very probably. Can this clip prove that therefore chimpanzees experience grief. Not really. There's probably much better evidence for that available even today. This clip may invoke strong feeling in us when watching it, but it establishes very little about the depth of chimpanzee emotions.

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