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Comment #12 - I too noticed Leslie's seeming surprise at the students' opinion of America. We have it so good in this country, especially wealthy people like Ms. Stahl, it is sometimes really easy to think the rest of the world would (should) want to live like us. It is a rough day when you go to a meeting thinking you're the good guy and you leave realizing you're the baddest motherfucker at the table.

I, too, have my doubts about 9/11. I don't think the WHOLE thing is a giant government conspiracy but there are some problems with the "narrative" that we were sold on that day and the days following. It goes against everything I believe and stand for to think that my government let 3000 of its innocent citizens die that day so we'd have justification for a war in Iraq, but what if it did? I can't answer that and because the consequences if the answer is yes are too terrible to contemplate.

A world without religion would only be a start to the end of the BS. We'd also have to get rid of national pride and ethnic pride, etc. to even begin to have a peaceful world.

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