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Well since you already apologized I can't really get mad now can I? I'm sorry you're in pain. I hope you feel better in future.

I think we all know that this soul business is bunk, yes, but I also think some of us may have been a little hasty in being impressed (granted, some have also raised caveats). Whatever we may know about the emotional and social depth of the chimpanzee mind, we know regardless of this clip. This clip teaches us very little in fact and I find all the getting impressed and emotional about it disturbing. It's silly to attribute too much to a clip like that. I'm annoyed by it because it's in the level of the kind of attitude to animal behavior you see in the popular media ("this live ape is staying next to that dead ape, ergo apes have much emotional depth"). Quite frankly it doesn't prove anything of consequence as far as I can see, and I don't see the point of it. Why is it here? I'd expect it as the last bit of some popular news broadcast.

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