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Yes, get government involved even more in the private lives of citizens - wouldn't that be grand? Let's hand over all our freedom because we certainly need them to prescribe what and what not to believe and what/what not to teach our children. Of course, we would want due punishment for those who do not fall into line, right? Do you understand the consequences of your suggestions when taken to their full measure? You are calling for despotism.

yep, you're dead right. Everybody has the fredonm to tell what they feel fit about religion to their children. They do not, however, have the right to proselytise to other people's children. The key issue is about teaching creationism in state schools. That's illegal in the USA and the UK.

There are also serious moral issues about the likes of Ken Ham and other creationists telling children that the world is only 6,000 years old, evolution never happened and Noah's Ark actually existed (or exists according to the latest crapola from creationists).

If you go about lying to children, you have something to answer for. It's not a matter of "opinion" that you believe creationism to be valid. If you have a valid position, then say so and tell us what the scientific theory of creationism is and how it can be tested by the scientific method. If you can't your opinion is bogus and you're a fraud and phoney.

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