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It seems to me that the best way to fight the Narrative is to starve it of oxygen, rather than pumping it with steroids by killing and torturing Muslims, invading predominantly Muslim lands for their natural resources, supporting the apartheid state of Israel, threatening Iran with nuclear attack, ringing the Middle East with military bases, black sites and listening posts, bombing Pakistan using robot assassins, and continuing our support for corrupt, brutal, kleptocratic regimes. Was there ever a more effective recruitment tool for terrorism than pretty much everything the West has done in the Middle East and Central Asia?

Yes, yes, I KNOW someone's going to ask me "You really think that these fanatics are going to stop if we leave them alone?" That's a weasel question, because it's not the issue. Firstly, because our victims count every bit as much as al-Qaeda's victims. Secondly, because what allows al-Qaeda to RECRUIT young Muslims and to convince them that there IS a war against Islam is precisely the history and continuation of massive injustices that we carry out (crimes that, while we might find them easy to forget and downplay while we spout pieties about how great we are, are not so easy for the victims to overlook).

"If you are not supporting al-Qaeda, then you are supporting the oppressors"

Now there's a narrative to call our own. In fact, it was enunciated by GW Bush after the 9/11 attacks. It's uncanny how terrorists and "counter-terrorists" so often come to mirror one another.

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