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There are big, big, problems with the 9/11 narrative. I don't know what did happen but I know the standard narrative is a lie. The relationship between the Bin Laden family and the CIA is much too close. 'Some elements knew and allowed it to happen' seems closest to the truth for me at this point.

No doubt a ZOG conspiracy, eh? I have spent time around the Bin Laden's actually, in KSA. Most of them are quite reasonable people, many quite educated. Osama is no doubt an anomaly. And I would like to know where you get a CIA-Bin Laden Family link... conspiracy quack websites?

I don't know if America has a particular interest in destroying Islam, but they may have a general interest in crushing anything that interferes with their economic self-interest and neocolonial ambitions, of which the evidence is vast and convincing.

An emotionally satisfying comment, no doubt.

And it isn't compatible with 'freedom' or 'The American Way' either, incidentally, although that doesn't stop us from being butt-buddies with Saudi Arabia, a disgusting regime.

Yes, but a lot less disgusting than the alternative regime which would spring up in the absence of the Saudis. While you live in the world of ideal situations where everyone gets to eat candy and giggle, policy makers live in a world of realities where they have to weigh the situation of lesser evils.

Right Wing Atheist,

We have plenty of people right here in the US and UK who believe the same dumb crap as those kids in the video.

Of course. And spew it forth on the internet to be found at every turn if you so wish.

Luis Cayteno,

supporting the apartheid state of Israel

By that you must mean the only country in the Middle East where women (or any Arab) can vote. The only country to give citizenship to Palestinians. You are one of those sick people who would rather the Levant be run by the backwards faith known as Islam (Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad), as opposed to a secular society of Jews run democratically. That is where we fucked up... Good thinking.

threatening Iran with nuclear attack

Now who exactly mentioned a NUCLEAR attack? And this is the same Iran that threatened Israel with annihilation while denying the Holocaust and declaring that Jews ran the entire world. So, WE are deluded, not those Islamic theocrats calling for the end of the world and the eternal dominance of Islam, while pursuing the most dangerous weapons known to man.

bombing Pakistan using robot assassins

Not bombing "Pakistan" but fundamentalist terrorists who have down nothing but serve the interests of Islamists in destabilizing Afghanistan. These people who promote throwing acid in the face of girls who dare to acquire education and bomb schools that educate women.

and continuing our support for corrupt, brutal, kleptocratic regimes

Unfortunate. But that sure beats the fundamentalism that is the other option. We don't live in the perfect world, we live in a world of the realities we are dealt. We are dealt a hand with a few options, the obvious ones are... support and unsavory regime or suffer Islamism.

es, yes, I KNOW someone's going to ask me "You really think that these fanatics are going to stop if we leave them alone?" That's a weasel question, because it's not the issue. Firstly, because our victims count every bit as much as al-Qaeda's victims. Secondly, because what allows al-Qaeda to RECRUIT young Muslims and to convince them that there IS a war against Islam is precisely the history and continuation of massive injustices that we carry out (crimes that, while we might find them easy to forget and downplay while we spout pieties about how great we are, are not so easy for the victims to overlook).

Yeah I guess you are right, Islamic fundamentalism started with US intervention... not Muhammad and the Qur'an, not Ibn Taymiyya, not Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, not Shah Waliullah Dihlavi, not Usman Dan Fodio.... Your pathetic ignorance of Islamic history is sad. I said it before I will say it again. Blaming the US for Islamic fundamentalism is like blaming David Beckham for the US Civil War.... it takes a total ignorance of history... a willing ignorance.


Israel (who is an ally not just in terms of military, but science, education, liberalism, etc.) and a desert shithole where virtually everyone would smile if they saw your "Western" corpse, aren't stunning since there's plenty of moron douchebags to go around but it sure is frustrating. Oh well :-/

Israel is leading the world in all kinds of development, scientific and otherwise. More books are translated into Hebrew every year (7 million Israelis) than are translated into Arabic in 10 years (400 million Arabs). Israel continues to develop high tech solutions relevant around the world, and Islamic states continue to develop new ways to disfigure women who dare to acquire education.

Luis has never been to Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza. And probably never did any significant study of the region or the people and ideologies involved. His immature and ill informed view of the region is typical of people who enjoy the emotional high of describing the situation as fundamentally inverted, where civilized people are in fact the problem and the savages are in fact the just cause.

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