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stephenray says

Behemoth was a sauropod£

I have to hand it to these people. Their creativity is absolutely astonishing.

"Creation science" is full of idiotic crap like this. Answers in Genesis/Creation Ministries International have been claiming for years that dinosaurs roamed North West England in the 15th century (I'm not joking, they are that stupid).

The classic claim is that the Lochness Monster is proof that dinosaurs exist today. The flick up a picture of a plesiosaur to prove the point.

Alas plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs.

Even the dragon on the Welsh flag has been used as proof of creationism.

I've heard creationists repeatedly claim that because men are inclined to find white women in red high heeled shoes attractive proves creationism.

I've even come across one who convinced a young man to kill himself and then brag about what he'd done to the lad's mother.

See Fundies Say the Darndest Things to see just how bigoted and stupid the kook clowns really are.

Yet the creationists whinge we we don't treat them with "respect".

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