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Post Scriptum: I have checked my library and am unable to locate my current copy of TBW. Damn! Now I remember donating it to another evolutionary 'blithe spirit', (sorry Richard, not a Bertie Wooster character), in a rather triumphant endeavour by which to switch her loco-motives from her woo-tracks on to the lines of evidence.
I do believe, that come Monday morn, I shall toodle off to my local tome-purveyor, and order another copy, forthwith! Perhaps two, to be on the safe side.
For I have discovered "The Blind Watchmaker" to be a sovereign anodyne remedy against the agues of backward superstitious thought, in especial measure.
For so much as Poor Richard's altricial palliative, (offered in the essence of Mount Improbable), is effective upon those more educated, TBM remains my primary means of first aid to those who are quite naïve of the very concept of selection when combined with Malthus' scythe.

Once again, Sir Richard, I thank thee.

Sat, 01 May 2010 11:52:00 UTC | #464522