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Haven't we outgrown morality altogether?

Surely we do not need to make absolute decisions about right and wrong, no matter what the basis, religious or scientific. Rather we can make our way in the world by making assessments that tend to or away from any particular objective – as opposed to forcing judgements that require only either absolute praise or condemnation.

Sure, decisions need to be made in the heat of a topic but decisions can be made as tendencies relative to a stated agenda, an agenda that itself is up for continuous re-assessment on the same basis?

I don't want to be deciding about whether something is right or wrong. I'd rather be deciding whether something is moving towards greater health or away from it. I don't want to be hamstrung by judgements that force me to think in terms of right and wrong, the most direct expression of which is to speak and communicate with others in these terms. I believe, these terms are inherently religious and are not adequately informed by the three other equally valid existential systems available in the world: philosophy, art and science.

There is no right and wrong in the world. There is only what tends to work towards a particular goal and what tends to work away from that goal. The emergence of life on this planet as one such example.

On this basis I describe myself as post-moral.


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