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Let's spell it out to LSwanson. We at the BCSE do know what creationists believe. We've spent years researching it and have a pile of well qualified members in science, theology and other subjects to get a grasp on it.

High amongst the Britsh creationist movement is Pastor David Anderson (described by Richard as a "twerp".

He has openly stated that Theology is the the 'queen of the sciences' which should be allowed to "to dictate the acceptable boundaries for other pursuits" - biology amongst them.

Other choice quotes from this foaming at the mouth bigot include " "Man is commanded to explore, harness and glorify God in every aspect of creation - physical, spiritual, intellectual etc".

And the legendary "Christian value number one is that Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord of all. Lord of our innermost thoughts; but also Lord of politics, Lord of taxation, Lord of government borrowing, Lord of social and family policy. Lord of all..."

So, LSwanson, rather than lie, patronise and preech in this forum, why don't you just answer my question rather than avoid it.

Otherwise, bugger off ond shove you "creation science" books up you're arse (where you're mouth is).

Sun, 02 May 2010 10:16:00 UTC | #464898