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Epeeist - We don't know anything about Philipa Stroud but she certainly wories me. We keep coming across New Frontiers churches in our research. Many if not all of them look to be creationist but creationism seems to be a fairly peripheral issue on their agendas.

From memory, the New Frontiers movement in the UK has received considerable financial help from the USA as well as management expertise such as training courses for its pastors. The New Frontiers churches look to be run like businesses (we've got one here in Winchester) and, IIRC, tithes are levied on members.

My memory my be failing me but, IIRC, the New Frontiers movement is operated out of Southampton.

What worries me is its members getting into politics. The Religious Right is basically wrecking the USA and there is no doubt that a lot of fundamentalists in Britain envy their political clout. The creationist movement in the UK has, in its activism, partly gone underground because of publicity given to it by the likes of the BCSE so we don't exactly know what it is doing, politically-wise.

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