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Epeeist - I checked out the report about the Tory donors. It's outside of our remit. BCSE is a single issue organisation and we would only have a handle on what was going on here if the backers were creationists.

Still, it's a bit woorying that whilst religious belief is declining in the UK, the Tories appear to be getting close to religion. Seems to me that as religious belief declines, then religion increasingly falls under the control of extremists, especially where American "help" is available.

The Zeitgeist has changed in the last few years to the severe detriment of the Religious Right in the USA. It's party because of what Richard and others have done but mostly, I guess, because the fundamentalists always overreach themselves. They are full of bile and hate at the moment because they have been politically marginalised as the voters got fed up with the Republican Party but, I suspect, their long-term influence is on the wane.

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