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While this all sounds very exciting, I’m wondering? After silencing 85,000 members, insulting them with an ‘outrage letter’, treating them with the utmost distain, using them when it was to your advantage and them tossing them out like last week’s trash when you didn’t need them anymore, can you recommend a decent Christian site that treats its followers with respect, basic human dignity and appreciates the hard work that they do (and have done) to further a cause?

I have another question too, since you champion the rights of all to speak freely against religion, will this post be deleted if it’s perceived not to tow your atheistic party line?

I’m fully aware that the lambastes the Christian groups for censorship, the refusal to allow opposing views and so on… will you practice what you preach or am I asking for too much by expecting this post to remain?

Since I’m obviously not towing the party line, is my account now in jeopardy or is that only the purview of the Christians to silence voices of discontent?

Sun, 02 May 2010 16:17:00 UTC | #464979