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We all know there are plenty of Christians who can countenance evolution, including many theologians, even if what they actually concede to evolutionary science isn't as much as the scientifically well-informed should. But notice the especial irony of such tolerance not being exhibited, either in the official dogma or individuals' views, of a tradition which calls itself "Reformed" theology. This shows that there is no more reason to expect the extent to which a denomination lives in the real world in an up to date manner to be reflected by its name or any other claims it makes about that matter, just as "modernist" loses credibility when we note the existence of terms like postmodernist. It is also revealing that the most prominent organisation defending the compatabilist view, BioLogos (run by Francis Collins, the leading espouser of the idea), was forced to withdraw some such material, much like Comedy Central's recent South Park incident. John Polkinghorne, another major adherent of NOMA, will speak on that subject to the Oxford Physics Society soon. I intend to attend and to quiz him on this incident, and see if he can still hold that the practical reality of how religion is conducted fits with his account of it.

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