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To me the interesting thing about this is the organisation itself

RTS is not seen as an uber-fundy place among evangelicals - it would fit the "conservative mainstream" model. The sort of place that your "cool calvinist" logs on to regularly. In terms of its worldwide impact and influence, it has and has had some real heavy hitters on its faculty - people like Ligon Duncan for instance

There is a strong connection between RTS and Scotland - Ligon Duncan did his doctorate in Edinburgh for instance.

RTS is also heavily involved in the "Twin Lakes Fellowship" which is modelled on the Scottish "Crieff Fellowship" for evangelical ministers

There are many pastors on this side of the Atlantic who will be heavily associated with or influenced by RTS (and the Twin Lakes Fellowship)

What this issue (Waltke's resignation) shows, is that despite what a lot of the "reasonable" conservative evangelicals say, there is obviously no room whatsoever for evolution. Not even theistic evolution. Try it and you're out , pal.

Now what I would like to know, is has this trickled across the Atlantic? So that when certain preachers here use woolly expressions like "room for a variety of views regarding the age of the earth" etc what they really mean is "YEC only"

I have often felt that, as the traditional libera denominations shrink, that what will be left will be a hard core of fundy evangelicalism that has coalesced round a doctrinaire kernel of absolutely non-negotiable dogma.

It certainly looks like that is the way it is going if this Waltke incident is anything to go by


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