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When Bio-Logos is expelling the posting of an article about the acceptance of evolution from their web-page, they should also expel Francis Collins their own (founder, director ?) from their ranks for doing the same.

Comment #485865 by Crazycharlie : Believe in evolution AND an inerrant Bible...

Which means, of course, you can believe in anything.

You can receive even the 1 million GBP funded Templeton price like Mr. Ayala did for promoting believe in an omni-benevolent god and blame all imperfect design and all suffering on the bad evil evolution and not on god. This might work for a creator deity leaving his creation alone after initial start up. But I still don’t know how Ayala thinks he can reconcile omni-benevolence of a personal, daily intervening god with doing nothing against imperfection and suffering cause by evolution.

So attempts of squaring the circle is still failing whether approached from the science site or from the biblical study site ala B.K. Waltke.

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