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FilthyWitness asks

I hope this is on-topic. I think it is.
Given the history of the pesent-day Bible (that it is a specific collection of old gospels and stories picked to establish a particular theology - correct me if I'm wrong!), is there a Christian sect that has recently gone back through all the available documents, picking different stories using more 'modern' criteria (in the light of current scientific knowledge), and created a new different bible£

Yes, unfortunately. The fundies are behind it so it's exceedingly selective and about as bigoted as you can imagine.

Conservapedia is re-writing the Bible for US fundies - taking out all the "liberal bias" and replacing it with American wingnut doctrine. Conservapedia, though, is also re-writing the whole of human knowledge and experience to get rid of any "liberal bias". Not surprisingly there are a pile f choice quotes from Conservapedia on Fundies Say the Darndest Things.

There;s big money behind it all as well. Conservapedia is headed up by bAndy Schlafly (otherwise an obscure non-entity). Mummy (Phylis Schlafly - a millionairess wingnut who made her money through marriage) is the prime source of dosh.

Does anyone here get te feeling that the USA has lost the plot£

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