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Epeeist - LSwanson's statement about his qualifications is just an aargument from authoriy. When it comes to substantiated his position, he ran away, claiming that he didn't have time to answer. This is bog standard and highly predictable performance of creationists in online debates. I've just seen Paul Garner, head of the Biblical Creation Society duck and run in the same way.

Heck I'm a Bachelor of Science - that dosn't make me an authority on the key "creationist" issues of geology and evolutionary biology. The BSc is in economics.

The creationists are also notorious for lying about their qualifications and that habit starts at the very top of the creationist movement. None of the following leading creationists appear to have ever been near a university - Dr Kent Hovind, Dr Carl Baugh, Dr John Blamchard, Dr Ian Paisley.....

Diploma mill and Bible studies school "degree" qualfications are rampant amongst creationist/fundamentalist pastors. The European Theological Seminary in Northern Ireland has turned out some 300 such "graduates".

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